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Our mission:  The lofty belief that every kid will always do their BEST! A dedicated spirit of helping the foundational needs of youth. Seeking to spark, inspire and create positive lifestyles. Seeing the kids of today as the leaders of tomorrow and allowing them to have some fun along the journey. 

Giving ALL an opportunity to be your...BEST! 

     Come ready to run, jump, toss, bump and laugh! BEST FEST is all about being the BEST you can be! This fun filled county/ community festival will be designed by kids all right here from Talbot County!  They will be working side by side with professionals from the fields of comprehensive media communications, event production, festival sound/lighting and event logistics. This is an immersive  experience open to ANY kid from ages 13 to 19. No matter what you interest is come explore all the tools needed for the creation of a festival of this magnitude. We're sure you'll find something right up your alley! Don't come to BEST FEST looking for the same old games your grandfather played at the family get-togethers. Visit the GAME TRUCK or go up against friends in BUBBLE BALL! And for the first time on the shore, check out our FLAVORED COLOR RUN!  The Talbot Teen Challenge Showcase is sure to bring down the house! Get your act together now and enter! No judges no prizes just a good time to take to the stage and strut your stuff! And be sure to stick around for EDM, (electronic dance music), DJ "GLO DANCE PARTY"! Hear some hot hits from our festival sound crew!

    Come experience what it means to be a kid...in todays world? BEST FEST will provide important information  from a variety of substance abuse awareness advocacy's.  They will share about some of the real life perils facing  kids today.  These are our families. Our brothers and sisters. Aunts and uncles. Mothers and fathers. Our "village." Our community.


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