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     Ok, so this is the part where we're supposed to sell you on all those juicy sounding reasons why you should get on board with our little traveling circus. Well, instead we're going to tell you why you shouldn't.

     You shouldn't if the main purpose of your association with PPBP is just to make a profit.

That's not why we're here. We're here because we believe that good entertainment is paramount to a good life. We're here because we know that helping others, helps us all. We're here because we're good,  make that GREAT at what we do! And what we do is   create  safe fun filled atmospheres with a purpose.

So, let's get started helping each other...

     First things first. If you have a need, our team can create an event to address that need. We've been "thinking outside the box" before there was a box. In fact, we started in a field. A big grassy field with absolutely nothing in it. No tent. No stage. No chairs. Just a field. Well , there was a generator and about 600 of our closest friends and 15 bands. 

Oh, and one huge howlin' bonfire! The whole purpose of the event was to raise money to save a family's home from foreclosure. So see, we've been helping each other for quite a while and here we are now many years later helping more folks than ever! So join us as we share in our vision of giving back.

 And by the way, we saved their home!

Thus it was born.......... PIGGY PAY BACK PRODUCTIONS

We gotcha back!